Children’s Day!!


So first I will say sorry. Monday in Korea was Children’s day! and Tuesday was Budda’s Birthday… So Today (Wednesday) is our P-day! Sister Deus and I spent Monday doing a 전도활통 (jun-do hwal-tong) Which is a proselyting activity! We talked to many people in the Lake Park that is right by our church. On normal days the Park might have 30 people… but on Children’s Day there were about 100!! Many of which were children. But nonetheless, we were able to talk to many 🙂 And I played with some little kids. After the Activity, Sister Dues and I made little cards for member/Less Active/Investigator’s children and taped candy to it. We ran around Seosan delivering candy like Santa! We didn’t get to very many houses though… It was late.

On Tuesday we had District meeting in Seosan and with all 10 of the missionaries we had a survey to pass around. It asked things like “Do you believe god exists?” and “Of all the churches on Earth, do you think that God’s one true church is among them?” A lot of people actually said yes! And then a question of “Might you be interested in meeting with the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints?” And we kept all the ones that said yes! And we got 9 numbers! Then we went to a member’s house and had wonderful chicken! And guess what!!! I like sweet potatoes now! I eat them for breakfast… 🙂

A for LAST WEEK We had a branch FHE and it was super fun! Not many people came, but we played balloon popping games and had a party! and some yummy snacks after. That was a one time thing for Monday though. The branch FHE is going to be every other week and on Saturdays. So now that SeoYeon is not our investigator anymore, we need to find something new to do after P-day.

Some crazy things that happened this week: Another church was proselyting at the Lake Park (not on Children’s Day) and asked us “Do you know you church is wrong?” and she told us to believe in Christ. We responded with “we do believe in Christ” and she yelled at us and told us to go to a “general church” I’m not even sure what that means. So because of this crazy proselyting week I will explain proselyting in Korea. (to proselyte = 전도) in Korean there are literally 50 different churches. Most are just different. A good amount are actually crazy and “God’s church” believes that Jesus failed his mission on earth and that there is a heavenly Mother and that she lives in Gangnam… As soon as you tell one of their 전도people that invite you to go to Seoul and search for her with you… They confuse and scare me. Most 전도people just go around giving out pamphlets and treats and even coffee and balloons and say “Believe in Christ!” I like to say that our church is different because we explain. If I were a non-member it would be helpful if someone explained to me about their faith, not just telling me to believe and not HOW I can believe. So I am really grateful for my church. The sad thing about Korea, and especially in the Country, is that there are so many churches that as soon as you say “we’re missionaries” they either ignore you or say “Go away”/”I’m good” so it is hard to get people to listen here. But I have succeeded enough to still try.

Another fun thing I saw this week was a very smart man… HOW was he smart do you ask? He was pushing his children around in a wagon… PULLED BY A REMOTE CONTROL CAR! GENIUS! No effort on his part what so ever!
Sister Deus and I don’t have an oven… We made cupcakes this week!!! BY STEAMING THEM IN A POT! They tasted… okay…
An 오마자 (o-mi-ja), in our dictionary, means a fruit of a Maximowiczia typica… WORD OF THE DAY!

On the 29th of April I heard this from an Elder. “Koreans might understand English, but the feel Korean.” We were specifically talking about companions, but it could be applied to other things. Even thought you understand mos things, there are just some ways by which you FEEL it AND understand it all. I really think this applies to a lot! There are even Korean words that I now FEEL and not just understand. Thank you means more to me in Korean that it does in English sometimes. We related this is being Bold again. We talked about becoming one with our companions and creating a system to work well and teach well together. Each of us in regular life has someone we communicate with on a daily basis. Be it spouse/girlfriend-boyfriend/parents/friends/coworkers we all need a system to talk and work things out together. Compromise and sharing, that’s what all relationships are about.

Another idea someone shared was “You never know how much you grow.” You may think you’re at one level, then suddenly you realize you’re higher than you thought. And again. So keep working and improving yourself because you never know where you are!

So I had a fun week. Only two and a half left in the transfer. Wish us luck as we continue to search for people! I love you all!! Have a good week!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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