Slowing Down

We’re in a rut. Well… Seosan is. We have four investigators, but all of them have their individual things that are keeping them from their commitments. It’s a rough life. We recieved so many referrals last week, but each and every one of them turned into a No.
We had some fun things this week though. We were able to help a foreigner who didnt know any Korean! And we met a half crazy guy on the street who seemed to really have gospel interest! But the next day when we called to check if he was still planning on coming to churhc, we found out he was really only interested in the “female” aspect for lack of words. It put a downer on our mood.
On Tuesday this last week we went to Cheonan for a combined Zone meeting. I got to meet a lot of new people and see two elders that I knew in the MTC. So it was exciting 🙂 At that meeting we learned about Teaching better. And improving our area no matter what it was like when we got here. My companion has done a great job at that and I will use her as my inspiration today.
When she came to Seosan, she was handed an area that previously had 2 korean sisters. Sisters who neglected to update records or meet with any Less Actives. And she was also given a greenie to half train! A greenie who knew nothing about the area, or about teaching less actives, or Korean nonetheless. She has turned this area into a less active gold mine in my eyes. She has changed it from a city I’m living in to MY CITY. I now know a billion times more than I ever did. Though the investigators are hard, she’s doing so well with them and building them. She has made this area better that when she came in.
I’m so grateful for what she has taught me and the responsibilities she has shoved on me so that I can grow as a person. My goals are higher and spread wider than before. All we need know is a little more effort and a small miracle to start the mission work rolling. Pray for us as we spend dayd after day finding those ready to hear the gospel!!!
THANK YOU!! 감사합니다!!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

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