Working with the Spirit


First things first. It’s the last week of a transfer. My Greenie days are up!!! I’m about to go junior. I am staying in Seosan for a third transfer…. Yep! So that’s the extent of Transfer week!

Well since everyone is so curious about the beach, I will tell you! 10 missionaries are in my district. We all went to Daecheon and had lunch together and went to the beach. I took off my shoes and played in the sand! Not the Water. And we took fun pictures by rocks that were covered in cockroaches… That was the extent of the beach P-day. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside! Which was nice after all this winter! I just wore a thin shirt! No coat! Not even a jacket! Korea has beautiful spring weather!  
This week wasn’t nearly as miracle as last week, but we got things done. Two of our investigators couldn’t meet with us, but that doesn’t mean we give up. We texted them and called. We have also been sending out texts to members and investigators alike. All of which have been conference talk quotes. Some have been inspired and we get a lot of thanks for them. One member in particular asked us how we knew to send that specific words of advice. The Lord works in small ways to strengthen those around us. We are just a tool in his hands. I’m greatful for the impact it has been having on our friends her in Korea. 
So my message for this week is about working with the spirit. Much has been focused on this topic recently i felt inclined to give my share about it and how it has effected my life. As a missionary it is EXTREMELY important. While watching sections of the district this week, I felt a little discouraged as I thought about how I can barely understand the people I teach. I thought “How can I listen to the Spirit if I can barely understand the person I’m talking to?” But the spirit communicates in ways EVERYONE can understand. and though I’m focusing all my energy on understanding and listening, I still get those nudges to say something. And because I’m new and I don’t know much Korean, those I teach to are pushed to listen harder what I am saying to them and through that, through my limited Korean, they too can hear the silent workings of the Holy Ghost. 
As my Greenie Transfers come to an end, I am realizing the responsibility I need to have in order to be a more successful missionary. I need to put aside my immaturity and take more responsibility as a person, as a companion, and as a missionary. I know I have failed at many things, but there are a lot more that went well. A quote I found this morning is; 
“It matters not if you try and fail, 
And fail and try again; 
But it matters much if you try and fail, 
and fail to try again.”
~Paul H Dunn.
“A persistent missionary is a successful missionary.”
We all need to try again and again until we do things the most correct and most Christlike way. The strong person isn’t the one who asks for things to be less hard, but the person who asks for the hard things to build them.
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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