Senior week!!

This week was very busy and eventful. It was also my senior week! 
Fun stuff first:
On Tuesday we went to a $20 meat buffet. Oh my GOODNESS!!!! HEAVEN!!! I LOVE KOREAN MEAT!!! And its worth the $20 because meat is SOO SO expensive here! That night I also learned a new pebble game… cant explain it, but I will buy it in the future.
I wanted to DIE of Thursday! There is a member’s house that we now have regular visits to. She lives and hour and a half walking away! We didnt leave enough time so we had to walk faster than humanly possible! Im never doing that in the summer!!! WAAAA SO scared for summer… I hear its horrible. 
Saturrday we went to Daesan. Its a HUGE “oop” which is like a place thats is too small to be a city, but not just a “dong” (All cities have dongs) So its a HUGE area.. Seosan Sisters cover one of the largest areas in the mission. Three cities! And these cities are bigger than just Draper or Sandy… But up there we went too far on the bus and ended up at a chemical plant…. or soemthing… I’ll send pictures next time. Anyways, after we went BACK to the city, we found some former investigators, but up free english ads and talked to a foreigner!!!!! WA!!! He was from England and has been here three weeks. Hes a teacher… of course. They all are. We tried to help him because he looked confused as to which bus to get on so we tried to help. After that we got on a bus back to seosan and accidentally sat by two drunk men… SCARY! but at least they were nice drunk men… Thats the extent of my senior week. Really fun, really stressful, and im SO SO SO glad its over. Sister Deus jokes that since our stats were so high this week, and President Shin knows it’s my Senior week, I’ll become Senior next Transfer… HA HA HA 
Our first Investigator of the week was 박서연. We taught the children in FHE about Nephi and the Brass Plates. It was a DISASTER! All the kids fought over the “Laban” puppet… 박서연 자매님 can remember everything! She is so CUTE!. Currently we are working with the Branch President’s wife to set up an appointment with her parents to talk about baptism. Going over the Baptismal questions this week in weekly planning, Sister Deus and I feel that 박서연 is ready for baptism. All we need is permission from her parents.
김도연 is progressing steadily. I love her so much and enjoy each of our visits. This week we talked about the importance of eternal families because her family is very important to her. She said she would attend church with her eldest son. She didn’t attend yesterday, but we will continue to support her in her efforts and try harder to strengthen her faith so that she will come to church and work towards baptism.
박혜영 is a woman in 당진시. She hasn’t met with us in a while, but it wasn’t for the reasons I thought. Her parents really hate the church and the missionaries and because she lives with them, then keep her from meeting with us or going to church. When we talked with her this week we learned about her great faith and belief in the Book of Mormon. She says there is a lot she still doesn’t know and understand about it, but that she really loves reading and also really loves coming to church. Because her family watched her so carefully, she has a hard time coming to 서산 church. But she said once 당진 has a church she will attend regularly. I hope that we can change her mind about that and get her out to church sooner, but I know she has a great strong testimony of this gospel and I know once she gets baptized that she will be a great member missionary. She often loves to just talk to people on the street about the church and the missionaries.
Well thanks for the support! Love you all! Im going to the beach in an hour!!! A REAL BEACH!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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