Boys in Our HOUSE!


The week starts on Monday. We gave are little 8 year old investigator a Book of Mormon! Hopefully they will not lose it or destroy it. Today we’re playing a game with the Book of Mormons that they have to bring back again! Our investigator SeoYeon asked if she could get a bible to. The Branch President’s wife said “When you get baptized we will give you a bible.” She said okay like it was a sure thing to happen. SHE knows she’s getting baptized. Her parents don’t. On Tuesday we had a District meeting in Deacheon and President Shin attended. It was very fun and insightful and Sister Deus and I got more “English Family Program” Pamphlets. Sadly, those are the ones we use most. English program is a good way to get investigators. Or a really unproductive way if they never gain gospel interest too so… After that we had interviews in our apartment!! AH! The two AP’s came into our house! Sister Deus was freaking out about it ALL week, I enjoyed her panicking… πŸ˜› Interviews were good. Sister Deus asked why she was transferred. (Her previous companion was in her last area two transfers before her, and stayed) They were 99% sure sister Oh SoRa would be transferred. So when she asked why President Shin said “I needed an American for Sister Jenson” I’m sure he was guided by the spirit. I love my last companion to pieces! But there was only so much I was going to learn from her with the way we cooperated together. So I am thankful for my new companion and President Shin’s insight.

On Wednesday we visited a member who served in Korea many years ago. She is a wonderful mom now and married her MTC teacher! (MTC in Korea back then) She showed us all her pictures! So fun! And she made tacos! She says she ALWAYS makes American food because She never learned how to make Korean food and they REALLY don’t have recipes here. Everything is just, Make! Eat! Mix! BANCHAN! (banchan is “side dish”) So i really enjoyed eating her tortillas! ^-^ We also went to English class that night and I ALWAYS have a good time there. I cant really tell you why. And too much goes on. Elder Graf (Dangjin Elder) talked about St Patrick’s day… He goes ALL OUT!

On another note, I have decided that Dang-jin needs Sisters! They are starting a ward there and what happens if Seosan Sisters commit their investigators to come to church and they do? and we cant be a two wards at once!? AHH!! So I’m telling this to President Shin, and this is my new goal… To be a Dang-jin Sister! And by the time they are able to get an apartment, it was be after the next transfer, so I can have three transfers in Seosan and then go to Dang-jin! And what a better way to start it that sending someone who already knows the area? Yeah… Pray for me! I want it! We’d have 12 missionaries in our district then!

On Thursday Sister Deus and I heart attacked Kim HyeHwa. Our mother-like member, who we ABSOLUTELY LOVE! She came home as we were doing it, so we ran up a floor and hid! She commented that maybe the elders did it and some kids in the apartments stole some of the candy. πŸ˜› HAHAHAHHA (shes never seen our heart attacking type before) So she took the candy off. We silently went back down and finished with a smaller heart and left. She laughed with us and told us on Sunday how she thought. On Thursday also we met with a Less active and I get to see a Gayageum up close! A Gayageum is the Korean traditional instrument with 12 strings and SO SO SO beautiful! I want to learn! Only problem is the cheapest ones are $1000… So that’s not happening 😦

The rest of my week was filled with English class flyers and random things and trying to meet with A LOT of people. I enjoyed this week. MY companion also said I talked in my sleep! IN KOREAN!!! WOOT! I remember Kendra telling me about her first day sleep talking in Swedish. Oh how I wanted that experience. AND I GOT IT! I said someones name and said μ €ν™œλ™ (Jeo-hwal-dong) Which means Less Active. I didn’t even know I knew that word… I still don’t know it. I just had to ask my companions how to say it! So yeah… I slept talked! WOOT My week has been GREAT! Its one of those “Holy cow! That was THIS week?” feeling. Super long, Super productive. Today is the first day of my senior week, so wish me luck! I have a lot of good stuff planned! And then next weekend is District Conference (Stake Conf) and then next weekend we get to watch CONFERENCE!!!!! IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! My messages to Less Actives has been “Conference” and all the blessings and insight we can get from it. I’m super stoked!

EVERYONE email after, tell me which talks you specifically liked and I will take my own super cool notes ^_^

My sister asked me What my favourite thing about Seosan is. So I thought I’d share it with all of you as well.

My favourite thing about Seosan is Everyone is so nice. I haven’t been out of country, but all the other missionaries love “shigol” country because people are nice. My companion says that in city, they never call you pretty. LITERALLY every man, woman, and grandma calls me pretty and tells me I have big eyes. EVERYWHERE!!! So I like the kindness. And the fact that you cant get lost in the country. The city part is so small, that you can just guess a direction and pretty much find where you are and need to go. Sister Dues and I have gotten lost SO MANY TIMES! but we always find where we’re supposed to be! ^_^ So now we have confidence to just walk, with no map, and see “Oh there’s that dong, lets go this way” (Dongs are sections of the city) We often go places we’ve never been before. I also enjoy “Ka-geh jun-do” store proselyting. They ALWAYS love Americans and in Korea Its SUPER SUPER rare to find a foreigner who can speak Korean. IM RARE!

I Super love Korean culture! All of it! But I’ve finially learned that Im NOT here to experience Korean culture, Im here to teach people in their native tongue.
I love missionary work and I love serviing the Lord in the best way possible!
Have a good week and Thank you!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자맀 (jen-seun ja-mae)

My super cute companion! AS A BUTTERFLY!

My super cute companion! AS A BUTTERFLY!


Im a strong butterfly!

Im a strong butterfly!

Steppin' on rooftops!

Steppin’ on rooftops!

Happy Seosan! ν•΄λ³΅ν•œμ„œμ‚°

Happy Seosan! ν•΄λ³΅ν•œμ„œμ‚°


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