Sick week…

ImageImageImageImageAs the title says, I was sick this week. I’ve been a little sick since transfers, but this week was HORRIBLE! It started with a sore throat. No biggy. I get those ALL the time. Then the nose… maybe I have a cold? Then my body hurt. Nope I have a fever. The members are so nice though! On top of that I cant NOT do missionary work, so I had to go outside everyday and this week was the COLDEST week. (Korea gets REALLY cld before Spring. And seasons changes make everyone sick here) So luckily I was allowed to sleep in in the mornings to get lots of rest. But it still didnt go away very fast. Thursday we stayed in all day. And in Korea it costs about $10 to go to the doctors/hospital for Koreans. For Foreigners its costs about a bajillion dollars and a leg! So getting sick is nearly forbidden for foreign missionaries cause aint no way the mission paying for that! So I just have to suck it up, take medicine, and become better. So its been a stinky week. Im coughing every 30 minutes…. I wont go into details. But here is the good stuff!
Monday, a week ago, we cleaned! Spring cleaning! I was feeling nasty! But we bought super yummy candy to put on doors when we leave super cute messages! That is called “heart attacking”. And for FHE that night we planted seeds with the little children and told them about faith. They really love our lessons. On tuesday we had a really CRAZY lesson with Kim Do-Yeon. She keeps asking how we know God and Jesus are different people. It doesnt make sense thought, because she says she believes that too and because in the bible he always says “My son” but she wants to know HOW we know. Last time it got a litle off topic… Then after that lesson we went to Kim HyeHwa’s house and because I was sick she gave be a neck/face crub/massage. WOW it was AMAZING! But it didnt help me get better 😦 Sister Deus says shes like our mom. On Thursday when she found out i was STILL sick, she dropped by some soups for us and some good food. She gave us kimchi too! YUM!
On Wednesday amongst our mission activities, we bought some letter paper at a Moongu. (Stationary store) There is English on it and its really stupid funny english! I will include some pictures ^_^
Other crazy stuff this week… We got hit on three different times. And while walking to the terminal, two (maybe drunk) men pulled over in their car and asked us to go get drinks with them. It was weird because they said they didnt speak english, but still wanted us to come along. I dunno. Really scary, but they didnt folow us after, so… WE’RE GOOD! And I ate chiken this week. REAL Korean CHIKEN! they give you the neck to eat… 😛 EW…
So not really an eventful week, but we got good things done. So wish me to get healthy and do work better. I love you all. Have a good week! – Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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