New Transfer! 시작!

Putting up english flyers/ads and a spider is on my wrist... FREAK! I took off my glove and coat to make sure it didnt crawl up my sleeve... and so she took a picture.

Putting up english flyers/ads and a spider is on my wrist… FREAK! I took off my glove and coat to make sure it didnt crawl up my sleeve… and so she took a picture.

My messy desk... I found a stash of SWEET looking Korean trading cards!

My messy desk… I found a stash of SWEET looking Korean trading cards!

I only kept the REALLY cool ones. I cant read them... YET!

I only kept the REALLY cool ones. I cant read them… YET!

This is my companion. Her name is Sister Deus.

This is my companion. Her name is Sister Deus.

Pizza school! YUM

Pizza school! YUM

This week is full of low stats, HUGE effort, and lots of fun. Plans just didn’t pan out this week. A lot of canceled appointments, a lot of member meetings, and some really spiritual investigator lessons that I learned a lot from. It has been a good week, a little slow, but I have learned SO much! Here is my week!

On Monday we had FHE as always. It was my idea. I taught about the Atonement! I drew a “wanted” picture of each child and said that their “freedom” cost $11. And I gave them each a fake dollar. Then I had the Dad of the family have $10 in an envelope and the kids in turn each had to come to be a “buy” their freedom/picture. But they didn’t have enough money! So the dad, being Jesus, used his $10 and paid the rest so that they could be “free” and live with God again. They LOVED IT! and it was a blast. Today we will teach about faith! We’re going to plant seeds… wish us luck!

On Tuesday we had a combined District meeting. A lot was learned, but the main thing I remember is my District Leader comparing missionary work to a sniper. If you’re good (and we are all GOOD at mission work) then you wont miss. You can hit your target. But a sniper always takes into account movement and wind direction and everything else. So we have opposition in all things! When we “Shoot” we need the guidance to aim right. Or the Holy Ghost. So our meeting was about teaching with the spirit and a lot about member missionary work and getting referrals. I feel like there’s a lot I could do better, but our branch is pretty amazing at giving referrals! I just ned to talk more, so I need to learn Korean better.

Wednesday was a VERY busy day! We had a lunch appointment with a member and her super cute kids! She said she’s always home, so we can just come over anytime! then we went to the neighboring city and had a meeting with an investigator. But she didn’t show up… So we used money to do nothing… AH! back in Seosan we went to Kim Do-yeon’s house. Investigator. And It was the MOST AMAZING lesson. She is an english investigator, but she honestly doesn care about the english part. She is VERY committed to her family, and she is SO CLOSE and wants to come to church and figure out SO badly if our church is the right one. And there are so many things that say it is, but the real test is acting upon your faith. the problem is she wont go with out her husband and her husband wont go. To any church! We’re working on her and praying for her and we absolutely love her! I wont to be able to tell people that she came to church!! Then that night we had a really fun and great FHE with Kim Hye-hwa who is like our referral QUEEN. It was a very good day ^-^

Thursday was my senior day! YEAH! We did our weekly planning a day early because 1) we had a package that would come between one and three and 2) because Friday (our usual weekly planning day) we were going to the beach! Shhh… later. So We did an AMAZING weekly planning and it was so fun and I really felt like I was doing things! And I was conducting it… first time ah! Then I got the package… it was a flat envelope that had three THICK envelopes in it. It costed ART OF MONEY. Somebody is CRAZY! But the letters were the best every from someone to me. ANYWAYS after it came, we left and met a Less Active at a cafe and had a good time. She came to church yesterday! And that night we had english class! I taught it. SO FUN! I talked about the five senses! There is a lady that usually comes to English class who we didn’t know who she was. We decided and made it a goal to pick her up as an investigator. She wasnt at english class this week…. BOO! Yep, that was my Senior day! WOOT!

SOOOOOO FRIDAY! We went to the beach! If a member asks me to go to the beach again I will kindly ask when and say we are too busy. the “beach” or sea is not what I thought. We farmed seaweed….. I ALMOST DIED!!! I get stuck in the mud like 80 times! “So this is quicksand…” I thought… I’m never farming seaweed again… I have pictures. I also was dying of cold. So okay… afterward it was very funny. Then we went home and ate dinner and did our studies and it was a very productive missionary day… but still great for member relationship 🙂

Saturday we bought candy and heart attacked a lot of people because we couldn’t find anyone to meet with. Our usual Saturday appointment was on vacation. But we said hello to a good amount of Less Actives. That is our branch goal. To get the Less Actives to come to church and BE active again! Woot! And yesterday was sunday and we had nice church! I can’t wait for General Conference!!! Anyways, it’s been a nice week and i have ALOT of pictures… maybe. So stay tuned!! I Love you all!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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