Transfer week… (# ?)

<Yep! Thats me eating something NASTY!>

Lets not keep track of week numbers anymore. Eventually it will get up in the 100’s and it wont mean much. Im in my second transfer and Im with my second companion. The change of life is extreme. I like change, but not change that disrupts the way I have lived for a month and a half. Nevertheless, it’s required. Wish me luck with this new reality.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night we had dinner with the Branch President. Yummy food and good fun because half of us were leaving. Momday we got transfer calls as you know. My new companion is Sister Deus from Utah. She is in her 6th transfer and training for the first time. Getting a new trainer is much like getting a new step parent. Everything you were used to changes. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Hopefully we will adust to eachother. But as my “step mom” She needs to learn how to be a “mom” for the first time. I am also nolonger a child. I hope I will learn to love her as I learned to love my real step parent (LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!) Wish me luck!
So Last week, we had a district activity! We went hiking. Well sort of. A steep walk hilly place and climbing a tower!!! We “rocked the tower!” I will miss those who left SO MUCH!! Including my “Mom”. I didnt know I could get so attached to people I knew only 6 weeks! These last six weeks passed by MUCH MUCH faster than six weeks in the MTC!  After hiking we went to the church and talked and played PING PONG! I am apparently really good! ^_^ On Tuesday we had a good district meeting saying goodbye to everyone! and we have a cool picture that 이지선 and I drew. Then we went to the Gogi buffet!! AGAIN!!! I LOVE that place! I ATE OCTOPUS!! I dont like it. Dislike: CONFIRMED! But I like Cow intestine…. 😛
Thursday morning we rode a bus to Deajeon and switched. Then we got settled at home. Went food shpping the next day, and the weekend has been unproductive. We met with a couple members, but other than that not good. I also got a little sick, so yeah… I think Im okay now. This is the extent of my week. Maybe next week will be better and I’ll have a more spirtual week to share with you all.
Thank you for the emails and the love! I miss you all, but I’m glad God and Thomas S Monson sent me on a mission to grow! I know it will help me and those I meet!! SARANGHAEYO! 사랑해요!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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