Slow Week 6

ImageSo I went to the bathhouse… After the first five minutes I was totally okay! It’s an amazing feeling. It was great for my skin too! So the thing about going to the bathhouse… I’m american, and it’s OBVIOUS so I get aot of people that try to say something to me. Mostly they ask my companion, but she lets me answer ๐Ÿ™‚ They are surprised when I answer their question. ์ด์ง€์„  has a funny joke about proselyting in the bathhouse. She calls it “naked ์ „๋„” (jun-do) We talked to a lady who is visiting family, but currently she lives in Florida, so she knows English. We talked to her and we taught her ALOT about our gospel. After, ์ด์ง€์„  exclaimed “I’ve done naked ์ „๋„, but never naked other lesson!”
I also had 2 senior days this week. We went on a split! Bah! It was okay. I didn’t panic like last time. But I couldn’t find anyone to teach the second day, so we heart attacked and left message cards. So following that, this week wasn’t too productive. My companion got sick and so our stats were super low ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We did teach a LA! She is so cute! Her name is ํ•œ์†Œ๋ผ (Han So-ra) She wants to go to BYU so she plans on studying English really hard and to become fluent. On sunday she wrote me a cute note that said that she really wants to become my friend and that in the future when she can speak english (and I can speak Korean) We will be friends!!!! YAY!
OTHER NEWS: TRANSFER calls were today!!!! WAAAAAAA I’m not being transferred… BUT! My companion is…. AHHHHHH!!!! What am I going to do! We were shocked because President Shin asked her if she wanted to not train anymore. They ask all the trainers that. They can if it’s too hard. But she said we’re good and she doesn’t want to give me away! I was happy for that. We had a rough start but now we’re close! But President Shin decided to switch her anyway I guess… I’m getting an american companion who is good at Korean. It will be VERY different… I am worried because I like my current companion and her teaching style. But I am also excited because I like change. A fresh start. Half of my district is leaving the area!  So that’s the BIG news. We also have a fun District activity today. We’re going hiking! YAY in KOREAN mountains!! I can’t wait! It’s like the dramas!
Also today is ์ด์ง€์„ ’s birthday. She is turning 21 in american age. I was going to buy her ice cream, but someone else got us ice cream. So maybe… well not later. she moves to Gwangju area thursday… but I made her “The 13 Articles of Faith” cards so she can memorize them in English. (SAD! We were going to memorize them together! Me in Korean) Well, I guess the Lord knows what he’s doing with our companionship! I will take whoever I am given!
– Sister Jenson ์  ์Šจ์ž๋งค  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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