Valentines Day/Moon Day! Week 5


This week was Valentines Day! As a missionary I cant really celebrate it… My valentine is so far away 😛 and NO FLIRTING WITH ELDERS! Of course that’s a given. So on Valentines Day a member invited us to go to a Korean Palace! Not because of Valentines Day, but because of Moon Day!
It was a full moon on February the 14th! So we went to this special palace and did archery and dressed up in Korean traditional clothes. We had so much fun! That night we went to a Space Museum and looked at the stars and the moon through telescopes and ate nuts. (Thast what they do on full moon days) We had a blast and I learned a lot. That is why this entry is titled “Valentines Day/Moon Day!”

Now here is my real email…
So here is a bit from the week before:

We had Zone conference. It was exciting and I’m really having a great time here! I know all the Sisters in my Zone pretty well now. (This week we’re going on a split!) And I didn’t take pictures with anyone sorry… but it was fun. I took a lot of good notes and learned new things. There’s also a new Pass off book (which I haven’t explained EVER so I wont get into that) that I LOVE!!! I don’t have to memorize all the lessons in Korean! Whoo!
So my Investigators are 4. Seo-Yeon is a little 8 year old girl who is so amazing! She knows everything and Loves learning about the gospel! I get to teach her something every week during sacrament meeting. Its fun. i hope she can understand me. I usually just teach through pictures and a couple rehearsed lines.
Kim Do-Yeon is in her 40’s. She has two sons. She is new, but she really likes talking and shes fun and young and beautiful. She recently cried to us and really opened up about her relationship. They are happy, but not REALLY happy. She wants to come to church, but she is really close with her husband and wont go to church without him. She wants to have a better relationship. We are trying to teach her about the family part of our gospel. And we found a good article in the liahona for her! ITS AMAZING! about communication! And I think it will really help. We got a copy of the Liahona for her and we’re giving to her next time. 
Our 3rd Progressing Investigator is Park Hye-Young. She is a little crazy and we are never able to stay on topic with her. I’ve only met with her once. (Ill get into that later)
The last is one of our recent converts mom. She is lovely!!! i feel like I talked about her! She takes her daughter (The Recent Convert) to church every week. Why cant she just come up? (The church is on the 4th and 5th floors of a building) I love her and she is great! I cant wait to meet with her again!
So I had a senior day this week… It was a fail! And Park Hye-Young didn’t show up. She didn’t answer her phone. it was weird. I don’t know why. But we’re praying for her! (She reminds me of Brooke)
So on another note… remember what I said about my hair? Well I got a perm… don’t freak out! Its not as curly as the picture shows. that was only the first week. now its just wavy and what I wanted. I miss my straight hair and being able to brush it, but it will grow out by the time I come home, so Ill have straight hair then again 🙂 unless someone specific likes it.. then I ll do what ever they want. (Oh PS it was to contact a referral)
This week:
TNT! I got to see my MTC group! they are doing great. They were all shocked when I said I had a REALLY hard time the first two weeks or so and that I couldn’t eat the food (Now I’m great though. REALLY) it was good to see them. I took a picture with my old companion.
Well that’s all for now. I’m going to my first bath house today. just after EMAILING!!! YAY!!!!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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