Changes… Week 4


Dont worry, no huge changes!! It has just been an emotional change/eye opener this week. Im going to keep it short because we dont have much time because we are going to a district activity today. And because I left my litle paper that I keep track of what I did during the week, at home… so I DONT REMEMBER ANYTHING! During the week I had the same meal/ soup stuff for dinner at two different houses. The first time I coud barely eat it. The next time I ate it ALL! And I wanted more! So… I can tackle any Korean food now. And I think I have a tasete for trying every new food. I ate oysters! And fish! (NEVER ANCHOVIES AGAIN THOUGH!) and some random stuff that I didnt know what it was! And CRAB!! Oh my goodness! Not just crab mean, but like THE CRAB! and you suck on it and it tastes all sea-like and you suck out the meat. Or something like that ๐Ÿ˜›
The other new thing is that I really had a great talk with my companion. Im her first american greenie, so I think shes not quite sure how to train me the right way. But we talked and I think I was able to give her some advice of how to help me better. Things like not telling my lists of thing I need to work on. I cant only take so much “You cant do this” each day. She wasnt trying to be mean, she ws just telling me the things I need to work on. And so now we have a different way of communicating that and I think I have an okay grasp on how to do missionary work now. Also, I have random Senior days each week that Im incharge of. and then my 11th week is my senior week! WAAA!
There is alot I forgot to write, so next week I’ll tell it. But this is my missionary thought>>> Each time I have a good conversation like this, I think “This is it! This is the changing point! It will be okay now” But I will have harder and harder times. With each hard experience and dicscourageing thought, the Lord is there for His children. He never gives us opposition that we cant over come. Therefore, life isn’t a bunch of Hills where we go up and down. Because riding a hill means we get to a high point and then slide back down. The truth is that we are climbing stairs. Our life is a set of stairs. After each trial and obstacle we see how far we’ve come and think all is good. We continute at that level for some time only to realize we have another HUGE step infront of us that looks like it’s much to big to get over. But once we get over that wall, it’s an amazing acomplishment. Each challenge brings us up. Closer to heaven. Closer to God. and Closer to our eternity.
I encourage each of you to not get discouraged at these trials of our faith and of our love. God wants us to climb these stair and build our spiritual muscles. He knows everyone of His children perfectly. He knows you can do it! Have a great week! Until next time… I love you all!
– Sister Jenson ์  ์Šจ์ž๋งคย  (jen-seun ja-mae)
PS I got a new investigator yesterday!


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