Seol Nal! 설날 3rd Week in Korea


First things first… I cant remember Monday or Tuesday, so Ill start with Wednesday 🙂 My companion 이지선 in Sister Training Leader for my zone. Therefore she has a need to go on splits every so often with the other sisters in our zone. I traveled to 홍성 (hong-seong) for a night. I was on a split with Sister Abbott who is wonderful and super talkative like me! She is an army brat, so shes not “from a certain place”. Anyways, while waiting for the bus, we went shopping. The members here keep telling me that my clothes are too thin and that I need to wear sweaters… funny thing is that winter ends in about a month… so my other clothes that are “summer clothes” will be coming out soon. But now i look more Korean, so I’m totally happy with buying new clothes ^-^

In 홍성 we heart attacked a few houses. (that’s where we put hearts on a member/less active/investigators door and leave a cute message. We got caught by one of them! Then we went back to her apartment and did some study and stayed up all night talking! I forgot how much I could talk 😛 Thursday we took a bus back to Seosan and ate lunch as a district. BUT we ended up splitting in half. So here’s my district.
My “dad” is Elder 양우리 (Yang U-Ri) he’s native and his companion is Elder Park (native also) He was part of the oldest group when I entered the MTC. He came in my 2nd week. They are in 대천 (dea-cheon) ((NOT DEAJEON!)) Next is Elder Otterson. He is our Zone leader. He is american BUT he is basically Korean because hes COMPLETELY fluent and loves EVERYTHING Korean. He has this transfer and one more left. His companion is Elder Graf and they are in 당친 (Dang-chin) but they come to seosan every week for church. His Companion just shaved his head on the sides and is letting it grow out on the top. (Korean style…)  It actually looks good! I’ll have pictures next week because I finally figured out how to upload pictures, but today I forgot my card… Sorry! Next is Sister Abbott and Sister 최하림 (Choi HaRim) She is super nice and funny and maybe a little strict, but in a loving way. I didnt really know much about her because I cant speak Korean and she cant speak English. All I know is from my split with Sister Abbott. Next is Elder Osguthorpe and Elder Oehler. They are in Seosan as well. In the same apartment complex as us. Elder Osguthorpe is from Utah. Elder Oehler is new to seosan like me (minus the greenie aspect) and his Korean is quite good for how long he has been there. Then last is me and my companion! 
So… at our little lunch thing on Thursday, we split. We don’t mean to, but apparently it happened every time. All the Koreans and Elder Otterson, then the rest of us. So we went to Mom’s Touch which is Korean chick fillet… I’ve never had chick fillet, so I don’t know.. but it WAS REALLY GOOD!!! The natives went to an expensive Korean restaurant with salads and stuff. 
Next we had Practice teaching. The Juniors taught 20 minutes on English, then 20 minutes in Korean. Then the Seniors taught 20 minutes in Korean. English time I taught Elder Otterson. He gave me many good points on how to teach better. Then for Korean I taught Elder Yang! So he corrected me on my Korean. But he said my pronunciation is really good. He said he understood everything I said! I’m so happy! The thing he corrected me on was using simpler words and sentences. Which I CAN DO!  The when Sister Choi taught me, I understood 80% of what she said! Because it was about the gospel. That day gave me hope ^_^
After Practice teaching we were fed good Korean food by some members! It was delicious. then we played a Korean card game called BANG! its like a card game of Mafia where you try to kill each other. There’s a sheriff and a deputy and a renegade and three criminals…. anyways, Ill buy it and bring it home. everything on the cards is Korean. So you need to have either played it or know Korean. or have a translator at your side every second… 😛
FRIDAY! Friday the 31’st is the Chinese new year/ Lunar New year. Its 10 times bigger than The new year in Korea. Because its so big, students get the two days before and the day of off of school. It changes every year of course. But its huge here. only giant department stores are open. So Friday morning we played Frisbee with the 서산 (Seosan) Elders. The 당친 Elders showed up too because apparently they missed the last bus to 당친 (Dangchin) so they slept over in Seosan at the Elder’s house. So they were there to play with us! Then we went to a cafe and all got hot chocolate and played bang in a “business room”. It was just a booth with dim lighting which made the game much better because we were playing with strategy and killing each other. 
Then 이지선 and I went to the church and she skyped with her parents! (Korean missionaries get to call home on Seol Nal and Chu Seon (Korean Thanksgiving) i took a nap. Then we did weekly planning and then we went shopping ALL NIGHT!
On Saturday we had a Korean Culture Class with our district again. We learned how to play a famous Korean traditional game with four sticks. 
Yester day i found out I’m teaching the lesson in Gospel Principles next week… ah fun…
As for our investigators this week, we only had two lessons because of the holiday. We sort of had three days in a row of p-day like days and then sunday and then again today is p-day. So we’re gong to just shill at home.
This is it! Love you all! Work hard!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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