Highs and Lows. 2nd week in Korea ^-^

The Lows first: I had a rough week. I’m having a bit of a hard time getting used to the food in Korea. A lot of it is that my body doesn’t know how to process it. but the bigger part is that I don’t like the tastes and smells. But I’m trying and praying a lot for a love of Korean food to come to me. And also I’m praying for the aversion to certain foods to dissipate. (Fish) My companion Sister Lee is a great companion. When she found out I’m having a hard time with the food she made me scrambled eggs for lunch. Its the only thing we had american like in our house. Shes so kind and I’m so grateful for her. I laughed though because even in america I don’t really like eggs. Even so, I ate them all. She also let me take the day off because I was so upset. i took a rest at home and found ways to comfort myself. Eventually I called President Shin and he talked to me and encouraged me to keep trying. Sister Lee also let us go food shopping in the middle of the week. I bought hot-dogs! And we got some food that I tried at the market that I like. So I’m good now. I have to rewrite my expectations of Korea. 
Also the language is pretty hard. But I keep getting told that my pronunciation and accent is the best and that when I talk I sound like I’ve been here A LOT longer than a week or two. So because of that I keep getting stressed out that I cant understand anyone. But then another missionary tells me that “ITS OKAY! You’ve only been here a week!” And I remember that and let it go. In the MTC I heard a quote… “Don’t expect so much of yourself. Your goals should never be higher than the Lord’s” I need to live by that. He doesn’t expect me to be fluent at all. He just expects me to try my hardest to learn all I can and to sincerely love everyone even when I don’t know what they’re saying. 
On Sunday we ate dinner at a members house. I loved all the food. I know God answers prayers and performs the smallest miracles on those who believe in him. Not only did He help me have an open mind about the food I saw, but he helped me like it as well. There’s also this food that Koreans have every year at 설날 (Seol Nal) (Lunar New Year) which has some WEIRD stuff in it. Sister Lee didn’t tell me what something was (sneakily didn’t tell me so I didn’t realize she wasn’t telling me) and I liked it! Guess what… it was fish! AGH! Well I ate it. And we bought some that I will try to eat it more now that i know what it is. 
So miracle this week. We were out on the town looking for a referral we got. We had to find her hair shop. And when we were looking around we saw a 할모니 hal-mo-ny (Grandma) And she tried to help us, but didn’t know who we were talking about. Anyways we passed by this REALLY cool looking Asian style house and I thought of going up to it and knocking. We did. No one was home. As we walked away we passed that 할모니  again and we talked to her. The house is HER house! So she brought us in and fed us apples and talked to us. She and her husband and her eldest son and his wife live there. her eldest son is in his 40s and JUST got married to a woman in her 40’s and she worries that they wont be able to have kids. But anyway, he husband is sick, and the two of them do have jobs and don’t do anything. So we gave here our number. she said she would call eventually. She told us she cant go to church because she has to take care of her husband, but she will send her children. And she also wants to learn how to write and read Korean (할모니  and old Koreans don’t know the written Korean) So anyways, we know where she lives and we will drop by again this week! YAY! pray for her husband! Her name is 김복수 Kim bok-su by the way.
That’s it for this week! I love you all. Thanks for the prayers! I’m doing great, I promise!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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