Week 7


     This week has been eventful! But Sorry, my letter will still be short. We received our Natives this week. All three of them are fluent in English… Two elders and one sister. One elder is going to CA. The other two are going to Busan. Sister Park is in my room! She is a great sister. She is very worried that she doesn’t have nearly enough time to learn how to teach and such, but I know she will do great. She is sweet and funny. Sister Collyer and I lover her and get along with her great! 

     So New years was this week. Its weird to think that I will be spending every bit of 2014 on a mission. This will be a great year and a year not wasted. We had a devotional about repentance, but really it was aimed more towards resolutions. The speaker mentioned that we can only get better and that TODAY is the beginning of the rest of our eternity. I am grateful for this new year and the opportunities it will bring. The speaker also emphasized that we can be whoever we eat to be this new year. I want to be the best missionary I can, not just the best Whitney that I can be. Whitney is great when she tries, but she has many faults. Sister Jenson on the other hand has been set apart and has  been blessed by God. i know this to be true and I know I can change for the better. My foremost 2014 resolution is to realize/discover what I was called to Korea. There are many small reasons that I think might be the answer, but I know, that in my mission, I will figure out the true reason. Within this discovery resolution is to be a better missionary. Obedient, mature, and an example to all those who see me and see the names on my badge. 
     This week we haven’t learned much new stuff, but we have been solidifying grammar and language concepts. What we have mostly been doing is practicing proselyting and tracting with other missionaries and with our teachers. I really enjoy the way Sister Collyer and I work together. We have been blessed with the ability to grab attention and summarize our lessons well. I really enjoy street contacting, and I cant wait to get out there on a real street and do it! I have to say that teaching and finding people who want to listen or who are even mildly interested is one of my favourite parts of being a missionary. 
      Random bit of info, we get a new MTC schedule on the 6th. This is because of BYU semester and schedules changing. My next P-day will be Thursday! So get on the email a day earlier! 
     On top of 6 am service this morning, today Sister Collyer had a doctors appointment WAY OFF campus. It was fun. She got to see two of her sisters because the doctor wanted a family member to be there to know what going on. So while that went on, I was in the waiting room… TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE GOSPEL! It was SOOOO FUN! I CANT WAIT! then we got beck to campus and did laundry and WHILE that was going we did lots of other random stuff. Then we RUSHED to eat lunch and then we cleaned the temple! It was an amazing experience and I got to wear white temple scrubs ^-^ We cleaned plants and lockers. Good times. And now Im back and emailing in the LAST minutes before Dinner at 5:40… RUSHED day… not much of a P-day. but I’m fine… Coolest part of today though… Our whole district walked back to campus together and followed our district leader to the mail room and…. 
WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS! my first flight is at 8:31. But I have to be at the travel office at 4:30am… early… but thats how it always is for us international folk. 😀 cant wait. Super excited all that funn stuff.
Anyways, have a nice day. Write me as much as you can in the next 9 days cause I know you wont when Im in KOREA! ha! Well BYE

Oh and I love you all!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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