Week 6


wow… so close. 2 more emails left…. This week was full, so this might be alot!

     Anyone remember Sister Payne from The District? Well she came and spoke to us… SWEETNESS The Devotional on sunday the 22nd was about teaching people not lessons. We get that alot here, but I still love it. Its SO TRUE! and it was about teaching with the holly ghost. That night My companion and I chose to watch “Forever a Missionary” by Elder Holland. It was meaningful and focused on how we have apostolic power, but with a lowercase a because we are not ordained with literal power. It was neat and moving and amazing, just as Elder Hollands talks always are!
     So many presents. I felt really blessed to receive so much. Thank you to everyone! Oh, AND Tyler sent me an UBER cute build-a-bear. his name is Tyney. Just thought you should all know!!! I’ll send pictures!
     Christmas Eve Devotional was about letters and emails. It was a great pre talk for our emails on Christmas Day. So I really knew what I wanted to say. We were taught about the importance of bearing your testimony. I enjoy bearing my testimony in Korean so much! Also Sister Collyer and I recorded us teaching the Restoration in Korean and bearing our testimonies in Korean for her family. It was great. The Christmas Day Devotional was Elder Bednar!! He is amazing. he didn’t prepare much. the topic was Inspired Questions. He said that usually our inspired questions are things to which we do not know we are wondering about until they are answered. OR that was can come to a spiritual event, like this devotional, and our question will be answered by what the speaker speaks about. SO…. he handed out 200 cellphones!!! WAAAAAA CELPHONES! Crazy right? I’m super awkward with phones and boys now. I don’t know what I would do if I was allowed to hug a boy! ANYWAY… any missionary who had a question could text the question to Elder Bednar and he would answer it. I had a question. It was; if I receive personal revelation, and later question it, how do I find out if it is from God? I immediately knew the answer to me own question though. I can find out through prayer. Thank you inspired question ^-^ 
     Alot of things happened on Christmas. It was like this: Email- breakfast- Christmas talent show- lunch- General authority- dinner- Christmas performance by Ray Smith- district time- Mo-tab christmas thingy- THEN BED!!! AT 8:20!!! WAHHTTTTTTTT CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! We were all very thankful for the extra time that had us convinced we were going to sleep at 9:30… I got into bed at 10:32… 😦 Fail oh well, it was a fun time to take weird pictures and do things on the wallthat make youlook like you’re floating…
     I have two more P-days left here in the MTC. I am ready to leave. I know Korean… well enough for now… 😀 Next P-day we get to clean the temple!!!! Our natives come next Tuesday(Dec 31st)!  The P-day after that is my last and I will be PACKING!! WOOT Life is great. Oh one last thing. Our newest challenge is… STREET CONTACTING!! We have to talk to 3 people a day and tell them about something IN KOREAN. our companion will translate. YAY I’m so excited.
Well life is good. I love the Lord. I know the church is true. I love my family. I cant wait to speak Korean 24/7 all that jazz.. GOOD BYE!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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