Week 5

     This week has passed by the fastest. Our oldest group left, and now my group is the oldest. I cant believe it! We had new group come in on the 18th. Only one girl. 6 elders. 3 of those elsers go to Daejeon. One elder and one sister to Busan. One elder to New Jersey. One Elder to California. SO SMALL! The next group that comes in will be here to replace me 😦 but I’ll be gone already so… The NAtives that go to Korea with my group come in 11 days!!!! That means i have 11 days +  1 week and a half!  WHAT!!!!!! Its crazy! 
     I have received two Christmas packages! Thank you to those who sent me one! I appreciate them so much. I even have 12 days of Christmas to open!! (Thank you Michelle!) ITs wonderful. Everyone is jealous of me 😛 but I share what I can 🙂 I also got a watch 😉 
     This week Brother Rasband spoke to us. He is such a great speaker and loves to incorporate activity-like things. His topic was spiritual blessings. I am thankful for my family and for everyone who has shared their blessings with me. Most importantly, the blessing of an eternal family. 저는 제가족이 영원하다는 것을 알고있습니다. After the devotional, we talk about it with our district. It was a really spiritual meeting and I enjoyed sharing my blessings as well as pointing out others’. I re-read my patriarchal blessing and It says I have the gift of understanding and discernment. I am very thankful for these gifts, and I think this is why I want to be a teacher. Several others in my district pointed out that I have the gift of tongues. 방안의은사. I see who much some missionaries struggle with Korean, and I am grateful for my obsession and my ability to learn and retain knowledge. 
My companion, Sister Collyer, has the gift of patience. We told each other we are going to try and rub off on each other. She wants the gift of discernment and I need patience. We’re working! There are many gifts all around our district, but the gift I shared was more personal. I told Elder Ross that he has an amazing ability to teach. The few times we have practice taught each other, he has brought in the spirit. I let him know that and told him to be confident with his Korean and when he is confident, he will be able to teach MANY Koreans. He really does have quite the testimony and I’ve learned a lot about them that I didn’t know before.

     I hope each of you will seek out your spiritual gifts, develop them, and find others to share your gifts with. Everyone can grow and learn. If there is a gift you need help with and/or seek to learn, pray and God will help you. Gifts are to be shared and to be developed. I know you all have many!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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