Week 4


     I don’t know what happened this week. I learned new Korean grammar and I learned new teaching skills… Its all a blur. The days feel like weeks and the week feels like a day. There’s now way I’ve been here a month and 3 days. But the calendar says I have… so it must be right. 

     On Sunday we watched the Christmas devotional. It was pretty and I loved all the singing. Each Sunday the sisters get to watch the Spoken word right before Relief Society. There were some beautiful male singers that sang. I love music! The other Sister Jensen in my district and I are tying to get some times to get music so we can sing and tryout for things. I REALLY want to sing at something soon. But I have to get music first. But I cant wait if I get to ^-^ Quinton L Cook came and spoke to us on Tuesday. I was being weird and I listened to the whole talk in Korean using the headphone thingies they give to natives. It was weird yet I liked it. I decided it was okay then because we have a review after it. So I still got what it was about. He talked about the process of choosing a mission for someone. It was really neat and we, as a district, told reasons why were think we were called to Korea. Many of us still don’t know why. Elder Ross began and when he finished his thought he said “But I know Sister Jenson knows why she got called here.” it was basically like handing the mic to me. But I shared my thoughts. It was really good to voice them out loud. I said something like “I think God put Korean in my life at 16 because he knew I would be called here. If I had gone anywhere else, yes I would love it, yes I would learn the language, but not with NEARLY the same amount of eagerness and love as I have for Korea. God knew I would put my whole soul and effort into teaching and converting the people of Korea quicker than I would if I went to Russia or Canada (Like I thought I might). I also think God had Dylan (Elder Ross) and I in the same mission to bring me and my future family closer toward my step family. I appreciate them so much in their support and wish I had been closer while growing up. If anyone from the Clawson family is reading this, I love you all! And Dylan talks about his wonderful family a lot. I’ve seen the packages he receives 😛
     With this week being mush in my brain, the only other thing I think of to share is about TRC. It was fabulous and memorable. It was a lesson without planning and ALL in Korean. Sister Collyer and I did pretty well I think and we had the spirit there with us. We were able to say things that we wanted without too much trouble. I thank God daily for the gift of tongues that I have and for the amazing language program of the MTC.
THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! I love you and don’t have much time. So bye bye for now! Thanks for the letters. LOVE!
-Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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