Week 3


     This week has been so full. In a letter to Brooke I explained how transfers work with each Korean group. In a normal season, Korean speaking missionaries arrive every three weeks. The Monday before that new group arrives, the older group flies to Korea. Last Monday we had a dongi leave. Last wednesday we had 33 newbies come in. only 7 sisters. Three are in the room right by mine, so I talk to them all the time. The other four are at the opposite end of the hall. They are all super sweet. 

     Also, two weeks before a dongi leaves, natives going to the same missions come. They stay for two weeks and then leave Back to Korea with our oldest dongi. every other group is Seoul/Seoul south missions or Pusan/Taejon mission. So my dongi was just Taejon or Pusan. The newbies are Seoul and Seoul south. ANYWAYS, the oldest dongi leaves on the 16th (They came a week earlier because MTC didn’t want to send them out around Christmas. THEREFORE the natives arrived Tuesday! There are 4 sisters and 1 elder. Gil, Choi, Kim, and jeon chamaenim’s. They are super cute!!!! I showed them my Korean dances and the freaked out soooo much! And we talk about K-pop together and they cant believe I know so much. and about dramas. Its so fun. Any time I have a break I go talk to them and I talk to them before bed also. and to the newbies also! I’ve learned some words from them.
     I “hosted” on Wednesday also. Its where I pick someone up from the curb side and take them to get their things and to their bedroom and to get books and then drop them off at their class. Its really fun. and extra fun in the snow. I use my leather gloves SO much already and Im not even outside. THANK YOU MOM! SARANGHAMNIDA!!!!! I LOVE YOU. What else… I don’t know. That’s all that happened this week. I taught another lesson to one of my three investigators. It was really good I thought. He said he might get baptized but to ask him next time! WOOT! 
     Well that’s all. I love the letters everyone!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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