2nd Week

     This week has been full of changes. First, Sister Patton, who was part of our Trio, left to be in a different branch and class room. She doesn’t like the change, but we all know there will be a time when we will experience a change that we do not really like, it might be a companion change or an area change that we didn’t expect and don’t like so much.
     On Saturday we taught Kim Kyeong Won, and it went really well. His question was: “How is our church different?”  We answered his question and more, we asked him to pray to know if what we said was true. We were about to ask him to be baptized, but thought we should save it until next time.  NOPE!!! That will not happen, because that was our last lesson with him!!!! BAH! of course… how did I not know this….  he became our teacher.  He is really a great teacher.  That was the the second change.
     Another change is that our previous District Leader, Elder Peterson, is now a Zone Leader and Elder Ross is our new District Leader. He’s really great and has a strong testimony, he doubts his Korean skills, but I will try to help him, and everyone, with the Korean language.  I am doing pretty good for a newbie.
Random things I did this week: I made three signs for our classroom. 1- “District of God” in Korean. Reference D&C 109:8.  We replaced house with district, it was inspired!  2- A companion advice sign with five AMAZING key things we learned in a devotional on Tuesday.  FABULOUS! I gave the list to Tyler… Sorry, he can use them the best 🙂 I don’t remember them and I cant go get my notes in another building so… The 3rd sign was a quote by Sister Jensen. It said “You can live a good life by trying to be understood. But you can live a GREAT life by trying to understand.” I think we can all use this in our lives.
     THANKSGIVING!!! What did you all do!? I want to hear the great stories and memories.  Here at the MTC, breakfast was continental.  It was served from 7 to 8:30… What that means is… I slept in until 7AM! YEAH! I showered, and got really pretty.  Sister Jensen curled Sister Collyer’s hair.  Then we ate breakfast. I let myself have a doughnut. Russell M Nelson spoke to us in our devotional about being the best missionaries we can.  It was beautiful.  At lunch, we had a Thanksgiving dinner, it was really good for cafeteria food 😛   We put together sack dinners, then we had some free time.  We went to the classroom and wrote some letters and just talked and such.  We listened to music in the classroom.  Later we met in a big devotional room and listened to a “Go Service” encouragement speech.  The we did service in the lunch room.  After that we went back to class, and ate our dinners. Oh YUMMY!  Then we had our Thanksgiving talent show thingy of sorts.  We stayed in those seats and waited for the other half of the MTC to join us, then we watched the movie “Ephraims Rescue”.  How come I’ve never seen this? I love it!  It had some of the same people as were in 17 miracles.  Though tons of people said I would cry, I didn’t. I very much enjoyed it. Then we went home and I fell asleep in seconds, it was 10:07PM.  I got a TON of sleep! plus an hour nap today.  OH!!!! We also made super cute cards for the elders in our district and our three teachers. I sent pictures…
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매님  (jen-seun ja-mae-nim)

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