Week 1

     This week has gone by very fast. You all know how it goes. I love life here in the MTC, I’m not home sick at all, however, I do miss getting to sleep in just a little.  Every Friday morning we begin our service project at  6:00 am to 7:20 am, its nice to get it done first thing in the morning! And on P-day nonetheless. If you want to know more about my district, ask my Mom, I sent her a letter with all the details.  One of the eleven missionaries in my district left last night. MY COMPANION! It’s all good though, Sister Patton, because she is fluent with the language was moved to the advanced class. We helped her move last night (just down two floors), I  will miss her.  At the same time it is nice to have Sister Collyer as my companion, we were in a trio before, and I like the change.

     In class we learned a lot more about tenses and “Let’s___” “Shall we___?” and commands and requests. Sister Collyer and I finally had our first lesson with our current investigator without Sister Patton. I’m glad Sister Patton was with us for the first week, it helped our whole district, and especially Sister Collyer and I.  I think we were ahead by a week or two because of her! At the same time it was frustrating in our investigator lessons because Sister Collyer and I would only get to say a couple of sentences before Sister Patton would take over, usually leaving both of us totally lost. This lesson was very different, we had the MOST AMAZING TIME EVER!!! 김형제님 was very excited about getting to church soon. In the first lesson we asked him to read a couple verses in 1st Nephi, he read the WHOLE CHAPTER! He followed our commitments above and beyond.  Two lessons ago our investigator asked how our church was different from the other churches. Sister Patton lost us and went on and on about ordinances of the dead. If we had known what she was saying or had the opportunity, we would have stopped her. In this last lesson, we had him read JSH 1:15-19. He liked it, and he stopped and asked questions, despite our limited Korean, we understood. I asked things and questions Sister Collyer didn’t even know how to say 😛 As in we haven’t learned it yet! I also explained that our church is different because we have a current prophet and Joseph Smith was an old prophet. He thought I meant old man type of old. So i explained by saying 1982. GOOD THING I KNOW NUMBERS! It was beautiful. We asked him to pray about the Book of Mormon and to read it. HE SAID HE WOULD!  I asked him to pray to know if our church is true and I bore my testimony IN KOREAN about how I know its the true church and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and Thomas S Monson is our prophet today. 선지자! (Prophet!)
     Its been a good week. I’ve worn all my skirts. Sister Collyer and I are going to ship our coats to our mission home together on our 8th week.
     Well thats all! 사랑합니다! I love you all 🙂

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