My First Days


안영하세요 Anyeonghasaeyo! The first day was a whirlwind. We met several people and yes my teacher cough cough Stanley 선생님 (seongsaengnim) spoke only in Korean! it was good and fun and I understood nothing! I know the alphabet that’s it! really. Sometimes I recall random words and I look smart for a second. then I find out i’m not using formal speech and its bad! agh i need to forget the informal stuff i learned. The first day we looked like deer in headlights. it was good though.

     I met my two companions. Collyer 자매님(chamaenim) and Patton 자매님  I’m the youngest at 19. Collyer 자매님 is 20 and Patton 자매님 is 22. Patton 자매님 lived in Korea for 15 years and in half Korean and is fluent. She didn’t know she could call and tell them that she was fluent. BUT we have native Koreans coming sometime next week. they stay for a week and then leave. She will leave with them. She’s in the Busan mission though. Collyer and I are going to Daejeon. Jensen 자매님 and Lambert chamaenim are the other sisters in our district. They are also going to Deajeon. There are 6 elders. Dylan/Ross 장로님 (Jangronim) is super fun tot alk to and his companion is a KIWI!!!!!! From New Zealand! And Elder Tira is also. His companion is MacCarthy 장로님   The last two are Peterson 장로님  and Payne Jangronim. Peterson 장로님  is our district leader.
     Life is great here. The food isn’t as buffet-like as Kendra said, but its still good. I like getting up early everyday. Of the two days here, I have been successful.
     The first day we had some mock investigators. It was just all the newbies, separated into rotations of course, talking with people that pretended to be investigators. It was fun. It was just a HUGE discussion. But very spiritual and fun. The main lesson was that you need to get to know your investigators. Help them trust you and love you so they can open up to you. Only then can you teach them what they need to know. Yesterday we met our first investigator over a video chat. He lives with his parents right now, but a while ago he came here to learn English. Then he went to an army base for two years, but now he is back and not going to school. His name is 김경원 Kim Kyeong-Won. We meet with him tonight! We looked up different questions to ask him and them translated them into Korean. My other two companions are nervous. I’m not. I’m so excited. I know I can do this. I CAN speak KOREAN! And the spirit will help me know how to say it and deliver it right.
     On the first day we learned how to introduce ourselves.
I always knew “My name is_” but we learned “I am_” Both are useful. Yesterday we learned how to pray! I can totally do this. I’m so excited! Yesterday we met our Branch presidency. The Korean branch is the BIGGEST in the MTC. they are so nice and 이형제님 Lee Hyeong-je-nim (brother) is SUCH A CUTE HARABOJI! (Old man) When we introduced ourselves, one of the things to say is why we chose to serve a mission and to share our testimony. Surprising myself, I was the first to cry while saying my intro. One of the three or four that did. Even Elder Ross got teary. Just like he did in his talk.
     I like my sleeping quarters. Life is good. The bathrooms are nice. What else are you curious about? Email me! I cant wait until next week! Today we did service and then went straight to emailing! So nothing much today. The girls are so nice here. Everyone is our class is learning so fast. Class is probably my favorite place here because everyone is so close and We get to talk in Korean and we get to learn things. I cant wait until tonight when we get tot really teach for the first time. Anyways, thats it for now. BYE BYE!
     봉사 활동 재밌어 (bong-sa hwal-dong chae-miss-eo) “Doing service is FUN!” While we were cleaning, I randomly said “chaemisseo” and then asked myself aloud what it meant. Patton 자매님 said it meant “fun”
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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  1. Whitney I love you so much! I’m happy you are having “fun” in the MTC and that you are learning a lot. I am not very good at consistent writing but I will sure try. Would this work if I put comments here on your blog entries, or would it be better if I send you emails? I love you and miss you, and I am happy for you.

    Love always,

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