Mission Call



The preparation for my call went by soundly. There wasn’t much to do before I got my call actually. I took the Mission Prep class, I had my interviews, and I got my check-ups. I told everyone to come over June 20th just in case the call came Thursday instead of Wednesday. It came Wednesday. My dad came in with the mail Wednesday afternoon. No big white envelope. I was sad, but I had prepared myself for it. I busied myself with other things the rest of the day. When my mom got home around dinner time, I told her the call had not come. She laughed and told me to go check the mailbox. I knew immediately I had been fooled. With camera in hand my mom and dad followed me outside and took a picture of a happy over-excited me.

My name is Whitney Jenson and I live in the Mormon state of Utah. A week before my 18th birthday, in the 2012 October General Conference, President Monson announced that girls could serve a mission at age nineteen. My life changed. I have planned on serving a mission since I was sixteen, but now I don’t have to wait that extra two years. This year has passed by quickly. I am so much closer to serving than I was a year ago.

On June 20th I opened my mission call. Only two friends guessed correctly on where I was going to spend a year and a half of my life. Many of my friends guessed  Canada or Texas. The two that guessed South Korea only did so because they knew I really wanted to go there. Who actually gets called where they want to go? Since the tenth grade I have been obsessed with Korea. Obsessed with their dramas, culture, and the language. When I opened the call and said aloud “You are assigned to labor in the Korea, Daejeon Mission.”, everyone freaked out, including myself. I dreamed and dreamed about getting called to Korea! I never imagined I would get my wish! I had to show many people the actual call letter to prove to them that I wasn’t kidding. My dad even asked, at the end of the video, “Is this real?” because in fact my boyfriend at the time, pranked me and read “Seoul, South Korea Mission” when he opened his call about a month earlier.

I am extremely thankful to everyone who helped me get to this point in my life. I’m eternally grateful to be called to the one place I wanted to go. I know I would’ve learned to love anywhere I went, but it will be a huge blessing that I already have a passion for the people I will meet and for the language I will be required to learn.


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